The Demolition of the flats 6

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All the pictures on this page were donated by Tony Cook.


The following six pictures all depict the flats awaiting demolition.


The flats as seen from Kersal Dale.


This time from Stanton Avenue.


Another shot from Stanton but this time from closer to the flats.




A view from South Radford Street towards Kersal Way. You can see that the flats have been hollowed out. Roll your mouse over the image for the same spot 20 years later.

A great shot of a hollowed out flat which I think is John Bacon Court.


John Bacon Court and South Radford Street ready for demolition. Roll your mouse over the image for the same spot in 2009.

The next set of pictures are photos of the demolition taken from the Racecourse.




A TV news crew is in attendance.




The explosion is just starting.


A great shot mid-explosion.




Burns House is left as a pile of rubble.


The lift shaft on Jonson House stands defiant.

The final set of pictures are of the aftermath of the explosion.




Keats is left in a pile to the left and you can still see the Castle on the right. Roll your mouse over the image to see the same spot in 2008. 20 years later and this area is worse than ever.


Burns House in the foreground.



The rubble of Jonson and Milton House with Blake House still standing on the left.


A view from the junction of South Radford Street and Kersal Way. On the right as the road bends are the remains of Browning, Jonson, and Milton House.


The remains of Chaucer Court.

The rubble left by John Bacon Court. Roll your mouse over the image for the same spot in 2009.