The Demolition of the flats 5

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A series of pictures taken by Carol Richardson from 16 Kingsley Avenue and provides a view of the demolition from a different angle


Here we can see that the explosions have already accounted for the flats in the centre (Jonson, Milton and Browning).


And now Keats is beginning to collapse


We can see Cowper House still standing on the right but Keats Court is now just a pile of rubble



The following are a series of photographs taken by Paul Collins. They show John Bacon Court, and Chaucer Court from just before the demolition until the end.


The flats are cordoned off ready for the explosion


Yiu can see that the flats have been hollowed out and had all the glass removed


A stunning picture of the collapse of John Bacon Court


And down it goes


Now just smoke and dust


The smoke and dust pushes further out




The following pictures were submitted by Wendy Whittaker of Browning House.


Mark Whittaker at the entrance to Kersal Way on South Radford Street as the flats are redied for demolition.


A close up of the estate.


John Bacon on the left and Browning in the background hollowed out and awaiting demolition.


Another picture of Mark Whittaker dwarfed besides Chaucer Court to his left and John Bacon to his right