The Demolition of the flats 2

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One of the flats (appropriately named Burns House) after an arson attack whilst the flats were awaiting demolition.


A wide shot of the demolition taken from the Oaklands Road Area. Shakespeare House, Milton, Jonson and Browning have all disappeared into smoke whilst John Bacon Court and Chaucer Court are in mid collaspse. In total eight flats were demolished just leaving Shelley, Spencer, Cowper and Blake. With Thanks to Mark Morris.


A second shot from the same angle taken a fraction later with the flats having collapsed more. In particular John Bacon Court and Keats Court has now all but collapsed.



The following pictures of the demolition were taken from Kersal Dale by Eddie Smith








Another picture of the demolition but this time from much further away. As you can see the picture is dated the 14th October 1990.