The Construction of the flats

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The ground is broken as we see the beginning of the construction of Kersal Flats. This picture is dated the 30th December 1958.



A view of the works from the end of South Radford street dated the 23rd of February 1959. Here we can see the early parts of the construction of John Bacon Court and Chaucer Court. Roll your mouse over the image for a picture of the area today.


A view of the flats from the Oaklands Road area dated 26th February 1959. Note that the construction of Spencer, Milton, Jonson and Browning are well under way. Shelley House is still just stilts and Spencer is just a concrete foundation. Near South Radford Street John Bacon Court and Chaucer Court are half way built.


A photograph from the same direction on the 30th April 1959. It is easy to see the progress that has been made in the construction of Shelley House and John Bacon Court. It is noticeable that Shakespeare House now has a base.


A view of the construction of the flats from across the Racecourse in 1959. You can see that the shops already built.


A closer view of the construction of the flats in 1959 from the Racecourse. You can see the scale of the works being carried out.