Kersal Dale Fun Day


A series of pictures devoted to a Fun Day held on Kersal Dale sometime in the mid 1970s. This would have been part of the Kersal Festival.

All these pictures are taken from film of the event taken by the late Herbert Randle and this film can be viewed in the movies section.

If you recognise anyone in these pictures please email


A newspaper report from the Salford City Reporter on the 6th June 1975 on the first Kersal Festival. Click on the image for a large version.


Alan Bird and children enjoying the fun day.


Alan Bird helps his children to enjoy donkey rides


The fun day in full swing.


This shows why so many Kersal Folk loved the Dale.


The day is going nicely and some lucky young lad rides his chopper bike on the Dale. The lad is Gary Jones of 83 Cowper House.


A closer view. Roll your mouse over the image for a view of this spot in 2009.


The wild and crazy fun continues


A beautiful view of the Dale


More family fun.


You can see how many people attended