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A few pictures of the flats in 1986. This is a visual journey around Kersal Way from Milton House around to view Burns, Blake, Cowper and Keats.

Milton House, Burns House and the shops. Roll your mouse over the image to see this spot 23 years later.


Milton, Burns and Blake House.


Burns and Blake House. Roll your mouse over the image to see the same spot in 2009.


Burns, Blake and Cowper House.


Burns, Blake, Cowper and Keats House.


Blake, Cowper and Keats House


Someone being interviewed outside Chaucer House on the subject of crime, social disintegration, and the effect that this had on the residents. You can see how badly the area had deteriorated by the state of the flat in the background. Compare it against these early pictures below.




Finally a picture of Chaucer Court in 1987. You can see how far the area has deteriorated. Many of the flats are boarded up and empty. You can see that the end of the estate is not far away once it has fallen into this state. Thanks to Alan Jones for this. Note see the memories section for a detail account of the history of the rise and fall of the estate written by Alan Jones.