Movies relating to Kersal and Kersal Flats

A section devoted to movies relating to Kersal. The table below tells you what is on each of the pages.

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A history of Kersal Flats

Old pictures of the flats from the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s and clips of the same area in 2011

Old personal ictures of the area from the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s and clips of the same area in 2011

The flooding of Kersal Flats in 1980

Some footage of Kersal Flats in 1960, 1971, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1985, and 1986.

Some footage of the flats in August 1990 as they await demolition.

Two videos of the demolition of Kersal Flats

Footage of the flats from a 1974 Granada New Report by Tony Wilson

A collection of clips of Kersal Flats and Kersal in 1971

A movie of clips of Kersal Life in the 1970s

A fancy dress parade in Kersal in 1976

A fun day on Kersal Dale in the mid 1970s

A collection of clips of Kersal Dale in the 1970s

The tour of the flats in the movie The White Bus

Two film extracts of the flats in documentaries about highrise living in 1986

Kersal Flats and the Racecourse in 1980.


A contemporary trip around Kersal Way

A contemporary trip across the Kersal Footbridge

Some footage of the Kersal Footbridge in 1987

Home movies filmed at 98 Shakespeare House in the 1970s

The Randle family enjoying the Dale in the 1970s (two films)

A clip of George Best training at the Cliff with the flats in the baackground.

Salford The Other Side. A film from 1971 focussing on the greener parts of Salford with plenty of Kersal views.

A 1977 film about the River Irwell with nice views of Kersal Flats and Kersal Dale.

The full report Minimal Entry an ITN news story on tower blocks in 1986.

A 1988 ITN news report which deals with living in tower blocks

The full version of the Tony Wilson Granada News report in 1984

A Granada News report on problems with flats in nearby Bury New Road.

A history of Kersal Dale.

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A news report on the demolition of Agecroft Cooling towers.

A film of a Police parade and inspection at Manchester Racecourse in 1957

Two films of the charitable escapades of a Kersal resident in the 1980s who raised £160,000 for charity.

A Granada TV news report Agecroft Power station in 1962

Film of the opening of the Power Station in 1925

A news report on the Agecroft Colliery disaster of 1938

Three news clips of horseracing at Manchester Racecourse in 1946 and 1950.

Film footage of Queen Elizabeth II visiting Salford in 1977


A two part film on the Changing Face of Salford 1967-1970.

A film on the demolition of the slums in Broughton and Ordsall.

A film showing the changing nature of housing in Salford in the late 1960s.

An interview with Walter Greenwood in 1973 in various places in Salford.

A 1974 film reflecting on changing housing conditions and an assessment of modern high rise flats

Two clips from the 1980 Salford Festival.

The Salford University v Manchester University boatrace 1969.

A film from 1970 on life in an old folks home.

A 1978-9 film on the life of Salford artist Harold Riley

A 1991 film on the lack of opportunities for the younger generation.

An inland waterway trip to Salford Quays in 1998.

A four part film on Home Defence in Salford and Manchester in 1939.