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The following are captures from the movie The White Bus ( IMDB Link). This was a short movie made in 1967 starring Arthur Lowe. It was based upon a story by Shelagh Delaney most famous for A Taste of Honey. It was a quite surreal movie which followed the adventures of a suicidal young secretary who experiences a hallucinatory tour of London on the open top bus tour of the Mayor Arthur Lowe. However, much of the film was shot in Salford including a one minute scene which sees a tour of Kersal Flats. The footage of Kersal Flats was shot from the roof of Chaucer Court.

The movie has never been commercially released so the quality of the film is less than perfect. There are some still images here and the full clip is in the movies section.


Arthur Lowe as the Mayor on The White Bus.


Entering near John Bacon Court from the South Radford Street entrance.


Almost in and you can see Shakespeare House.



A nice view from the open top bus. Shakespeare and Spencer to the left and Browning to the right.




The bus is driving between Browning and ohnson with Shakespeare House in the background.


Johnson House with Spencer to the left and Milton House to the right.


Now we can see Johnson, Milton and the shops.


The bus rounds the bend near the shops.


Now we can see the main shops. Notet he second set of shops to the right has not yet been built.


The bus has turned towards Burns House and you will note that the second set of shops has not yet been built.


Now on the home straight driving past Burns and Blake House with the Clinic now in shot.


Driving past Blake House with Keats Court just coming into view.


And finally Keats Court.