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A view of the bottom of Chaucer Court sometime in the early 1970s from the hill above South Radford Street.


Another view of Chaucer in the early 1970s.


The flats and the Cliff beyond in the 1970s. We can see John Bacon Court, Shelley, Shakespeare, Spencer on the right. In the background we can see the training ground for Manchester United and Manchester beyond that.


A wide view of John Bacon Court in the early 1970s from the hills above South Radford Street.


A view of Chaucer Court and Keats Court and Littleton Road in the background. Sometime in the early 1970s.


A high level view of Chaucer Court (foreground) and Keats Court behind it in the early 1970s with a view of the Salford skyline in the background.


A detailed view of Shelley House, Chaucer Court and John Bacon Court in 1971.


Shakespear (to the left), Browning (to the right) and Spencer in the background in the mid 1960s.


A mid 1960s view of Burns House, Blake, and the medical centre.