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A picture of teenagers playing football on the grass in the middle of the green sometime in the mid 1970s. Thanks to Jamie McAlpine for the picture. Roll your mouse over the picture for the same view just over 30 years later in 2009.


A close up of the lads playing football. Does anybody recognise anyone? Again your mouse over the image to see this view in 2009.


A view across the flats in 1976.


Kids playing football in 1971 between Shakespeare to the left and to right Shelley and in the background is Jonson House.


John Bacon and Chaucer Court in 1971.


A view of Spencer House (left) and Shakespeare House (right in 1975).


Harry Urmston of 13 Jonson House enjoying his balcony in the mid 1970s.


A cracking slice of 1970s Kersal life. Some children are playing football on the grass in the middle of the flats. The lad on the left play fighting with his back to the camera is me, the lad fourth from left in the red trousers is my brother Mark, and the lad on the far right with the ball in his hand is Ken Smith. Happy days!!!


A great picture of Milton House when new (approximately 1960) taken from Spencer House. Thanks to Mike Bennett for this. Roll your mouse over the image for the same area 51 years later on the 28th July 2011.


A view of Jonson House on the left and Milton on the right in the mid 1960s.


John Bacon Court and Keats Court in the 1970s.


The flats from above South Radford Street in the 1970s.


A colour view oh John Bacon Court, Shelley House, Shakespeare House and Spencer House o the 6th July 1978.


A mid 1960s view down Kersal Way from the entrance on South Radford Street. To the left we can see John Bacon, Shakespear and Spencer, and Browning on the right.


A view of the flats from the Racecourse in 1964. This shows how compact the estate was.


Another 1964 view. This time of (left to right) Spencer, Shakespeare, Shelley and John Bacon from across the Racecourse.


The flats in the 1980s.


A view of the flats in 1986 with the Cooling towers and Agecroft Colliery in the background.


On the left we can see Shelley House and John Bacon Court. In the background there are the Cooling towers at Agecroft and the University of Salford Halls of Residence in the 1980s.