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A series of pictures which show an overview/wideview of the flats from varying distances at various dates.

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A view of the flats from Broughton Road also in 1964




A panoramic view of the flats from across the river 1964



An aerial view of the flats and surrounding area sometime in the 1960s.



Another wide view of the flats in 1964.



An atmospheric long shot of the flats from Kersal Dale in 1970.



The dale and Kersal Flats in 1971


Kersal Flats in 1971 looking towards Littleton Road.


A picture taken from the CIS building in Manchester in 1978 by Ken Davis. You can see the flats, Kersal footbridge, and Salford University Halls of residence.


Kersal Flats top the right with Agecroft cooling towers and the Pit to the left from Salford University in the 1980s.


The flats from a flooded Castle Irwell campus on the Racecourse in 1980.


A colour view of Kersal Flats from the Castle Irwell Campus on the Racecourse side in the early 1980s.


A view of the flats across Kersal Dale with the power station, cooling towers and university halls of residence in the background in the early 1980s. This was taken from Hannover Court


Another early 1980s view from Hannover Court. This time the dale is covered in an atmospheric mist.


The flats from Kersal Dale in November 1982. Thanks to Robin Idle.


And again in November 1982 from Kersal Dale which is flooded and frozen. Thanks to Robin Idle.



A wide overview of the flats and surrounding area in 1983.


A view of Kersal Flats from Littleton Road on the 30th August 1983.


Kersal Flats to the right and Agecroft cooling towers to the left with the pit in 1984.


A wide view of Kersal in the mid 1980s. At the bottom left you can see Littleton Road fields and the old Sports Pavillion. In the middle you can see Kersal Flats and behind that the Oaklands Halls of residence and Kersal High School


A view of the flats from Hannover Court in the 1980s


A view of Kersal Flats in the mid 1980s. To the bottom left you can see Irwell Valley School. Between the flats and Irwell Valley is the Racecourse Hotel. In the background you can see Kersal High School and Oaklands Halls of Residence for the University of Salford.


A view of the flats in 1986. This picture was taken from Floral Court and in the foregound is St. John's Church,


A wide view of Kersal in 1988. On the left we can see the cooling towers. To the right we can see the flats and the University Halls of residence behind them. This would be one of the last long range shots of the flats.


Agecroft pit to the left and the flats to the right on the 4th September 1990. As the flats were demolished 40 days later this is likely to be the very last long range picture of them.


A couple of shots of the remaining flats in 1996 from the Racecourse. You can see that in addition to the "modernized" Shelley and Spencer Houses the developers retained Blake and Cowper. The latter two were also to be developed. Unfortunately the developers made a mess of the whole thing and Blake and Cowper were eventually demolished in 1999.