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A view of Kersal Flats from the hills above South Radford Street on the 6th July 1978. You can see how clean and green everyting is. This shows why people loved the flats so much in the 1970s. Thanks to Bill Rich.


The old shops on Kersal Flats with maisonettes built above them (Byrom House) as they were being built in 1960. Roll your mouse over the picture to see this spot on the 31st January 2008.


They were from left to right (thanks to Lorraine Smallshaw)

NEWSAGENT - ran by Nelly Hagan and family. They lived over the shop. You could also book your holidays here with Nelly. the coach used to leave from this corner, by the telephone box. HARDWARE STORE - ran by Mr & Mrs Block and Mel, who sold everything under the sun you could ever need, and always wrapped your purchase up in newspaper. (consequently Mrs.block always had black hands) paraffin, jewellery, cups, plates, bric a brac, christmas decorations. CHEMIST. MACE - small supermarket initially opened/ran by Bannister Cowsil. BUTCHERS - remember Bob working there? GREENGROCERS - ran by the Walsh family - lived over shop


A panoramic view of Kersal Flats taken from the across the old Racecourse. This picture is dated November 1964


A wonderful colour picture of the flats and surrounding area taken from Hannover Court on Bury New Road in the 1980s. You can see that the flats were surrounded by wide open space, and you can still see Agecroft Pit, the cooling towers and Salford University in the background. In the foreground you can still see the small group of isolated trees in the middle of the Racecourse that was nicknamed "stickybob island."


A shot near the entrance of Kersal Flats from South Radford Street in the 1960s. On the left you can see Shakespeare, and Spencer House. On the right there is a close view of Browning House.


A shot from the entrance to Kersal Flats from Kingsley Avenue. This picture was taken in 1960/1 when the flats were still very new. One the right you can see Cowper House, Blake House, and Burns House. The grass at the front is where the Castle Public House would later be built.


A wonderful 1970s view of the middle of Kersal Flats in September 1975. Here is the number 14 bus at the stop outside Blake House with a great view of the shops to the right and you can just see Kersal footbridge to the left. Does anyone recognise the child?


A view of Kersal Flats from high up on Kersal Dale sometime in the 1970s.


And a similar view from November 1982. Thanks to R. Idle.


A view of the flats in 1989 taken from the Oaklands Road area.


The flats from the Racecourse in 1980.


Keats Court, Salford University Halls of residence and the Special Needs school on Oaklands Road viewed from the racecourse used by the Castle Irwell site in the 1970s.


A great colour shot of the flats in 1989 taken from the Racecourse side of the river. Thanks to J. Page.


A panoramic view of the rear of the flats from the Oaklands Road area. .


A view of the flats looking down Bradley Avenue. The two flats that can be seen are Cowper House (left) and Blakes House (right). This photograph is dated the 4th June 1959. Roll your mouse over the picture for a 2008 view of the same spot.


John Bacon Court and Chaucer Court in 1971. In the background you can see Littleton Road busy with amateur football.


A view of the flats from around 1961. Note there is only one set of shops and the Castle Pub had not yet been built. Nor is there any sign of the Kersal Bridge. Roll your picture over the image for a comparison with the area today


An early colour photograph of Burns House, Blake House, and Cowper House. Roll your mouse over the image to see the same spot in February 2008.


A crisp, black and white view of the flats from Kersal Dale in 1971. The larger, high resolution image reveals a massive amount of detail. It also shows how tightly packed together the flats were. If you roll your mouse over the image you can see the same spot 38 years later in 2009.


A view of Burns House and Milton House behind it taken from Rushley Avenue also in February 1974.


A view from the Oaklands Road area down the sides of John Bacon Court, Shelley, Shakespeare and Spencer flats. Note that the Kersal bridge had not yet been built, and that the trees in front of Spencer were still in their infancy. Over the Irwell it is possible to see the Cliff the old Manchester United training ground.


A closer view of the flats and the footbridge in July 1978. You can see the Racecourse, the Cliff, and the Salford and Manchester skyline beyond.


A detailed across the middle of Kersal Way in the mid 1970s. To the right is the Castle Pub and the medical centre is on the left. In the back you can see Jonson, Spencer, and Milton House. Closer to the front on the right is Cowper House. In the middle of the grass if you look carefully you can a group of children sitting down.


An early colour photograph of the grass in the centre of Kersal Flats. The two flats in the background are Chaucer Court and John Bacon Court. The flats in the foreground are Jonson House and Browning. Roll your mouse over this image for a picture of the same view today (2008).


A view of various flats from Rushley Avenue in 1974. You can see the old council yard still in action. Roll your mouse over the picture for an image of this spot 34 years later in February 2008.


A photograph taken from near the junction of Kingsley Avenue and Kersal Way. This shot shows almost all the flats in full occupancy.You can also see the clinic in the centre which served the community plus the Castle public house, and the 1970s cars. On the larger version of this you can zoom in and see people on various balconies scattered about the place. This is by far my favourite picture of the whole site. This clearly emphasises the sheer number of people in one area, and the vibrancy and friendliness of the area in the 1970s. Roll your mouse over the image to see this area in 2007