Kids and Mischief


On Buses

I also remember that the 92 bus used to get some attention with the kids jumping on the back of them and hanging on for dear life as it moved off. I think the object was to hang on as long as possible! Irene Shenton

As for buses, when I was a nipper the buses still had those with the open doorway at the back with a pole and you could jump on when the bus had already set off. A local sport. Shane


On Golfing Tricks

In the first photo in the Before Construction section there are two raised areas to the right. These were the men's and ladies' tees for a green up the hill to the right. On the corner of Oaklands there used to be what looked like the remains of a castle (looking back, it was probably built in the early 20th century to look like something more ancient) that overlooked this green. From the tees, all the golfers could see was the flag at the top of the pin in the hole. We used to have a couple of kids sitting on the ruin as lookouts where they could see the golfers AND the green. The rest of us would be down beside the green. When the balls appeared we would either pinch them or put them in the hole then scarper up into the ruin before the golfers reached the green That green probably recorded more holes-in-one than any other anywhere in the world!! Peter Houston


On building "houses"

I remember when we played out in the evenings (when some of the flats were still being built. On the site of Shakespeare House, we would build 'houses' out of loose bricks and pile things on for the roof! Then about 20 kids would pile inside, playing house! On site Health and Safety could not have been good! Norma Metcalf

On Childhood High Jinx

Shane,I think one incident may cause your sister to remember me. I threw a wheel from a toy truck from my landing, then she ran out from underneath the block and it hit her! Tell her I am still very sorry and hope it didn't cause any lasting affects! Mark Morris


On "Riding" The Lifts

My old stomping ground the flats! I remember riding on top of the lifts! Then running from that little caretaker was he called Joe? He was only small but scared us kids to death Paul Collins.


On "rafting" on the Irwell.

We used to go rafting on the Irwell on polystyrene blocks. We would "raft" all the way from the boathouse to the "red rock"near the cliff. Russell Jones


On Taunting Adults

I remember this old dear who lived on the flats and the kids used to torment her like mad singing auntie Mary had a canary up the leg her draws every time they caught sight of her. Irene Shenton


On Gross Stupidity

On Milton on the second floor we had a family of tinkers living opposite us (McDonnells). It is only thinking back that I realise how appalling they were. One of their children lost an eye. They had a dartboard, but it fell off the wall. Instead of nailing it back up they decided to play by taking turns holding it, and Neddy took a dart in the eye and ended up with a glass eye! A true story!! Shane


On Further Stupidty.

Some particularly foolhardy kids on the flats had a bizarre sport. They would run a few feet in front of those big green corporation law mowers that were driven on the grass in and around the flats. Patrick (the brother of Neddy mentioned above) played this dangerous game, fell and had his ankle chewed up by the mower. A huge number of stitches and a period of recovery was required. Shane


On Wagging School

God I also have fond memories of the times that I went to Kersal High School. At dinner time we used to run down the path on Oakys hill to my mum's flat, have dinner then wag the rest of the afternoon off in an empty flat or just sat on the stairwell of a virtually empty block. I think back now to those days and enjoyed every second of them. Zoe Thompson


On Drinking Alcohol

At weekend me and my mates would sit under a block of flats and get drunk on Old English Cider (yuck), or we would sit round the back of the pavilion on Littleton Road or sometimes Kersal Cells. I remember when Kersal Cells re opened as Byroms, we got chucked out of there loads of times with my mates sisters false ID. I was buzzing when I was 18 and could go in without the bouncers chucking me out. Zoe Thompson


On Smoking

My friends were Lynda Stapley(late), Jimmy Foster, Martin Turner, Lisa Stephenson. We used to bepartners in crime. We were always together trying to invent things and doing jumble sales under the flats to get money for 10 cigs and a box of matches. Nicola Washington.



On Communal Bins

Do you remember the old shoots for rubbish on each landing? When the kids used to set fire to the bins underneath the flats smoke used to come up through the shoots onto the landings and boy did they smell! I think the fire engines were there most nights putting out bin fires.Irene Shenton

Ahhh the rubbish shoots that lead down to thise huge metal bins. Yes. Confession. A group of boys ranging from my age (6) to 12 with whom I was playing, set one of the bins alight at the bottom of Spencer house. A rag set fire and it was pulled out. I was wearing shorts and it caught my leg and burned me. I still have a small scar to this day. Shane


On Sunbathing On Top Of The Flats

The top of the flats was painted with alimunium looking paint. We went up there one summer thinking it was a good idea to sunbathe. We were frazzled blood red peeled for weeks! Simon. E.


On Even Further Stupidity

There was another lad on the 10th floor of Johnson who used to climb over the balcony, and dangle whilst holding onto the bottom of the rails and flail his feet around. Still scares me thinking about it. If ever there was a candidate for the Darwin Awards....Shane


On Mischief

I remember me and my sister throwing water bombs off our veranda and one hitting the head caretaker on the head! Boy did we get in bother for that. One night I was showing off in front of my sister and was sat on the window sill dangling my legs out of the window. The person next door at 62 saw me and told my mother, but I must admit that we were sticking our fingers up at a couple of lads stood on the landing of the opposite block.Irene Shenton



On Mothers and Mischief

I remember the garages behind the shops and of course the hill area behind the park near the Irwell . I used to sneak down there for a crafty smoke thinking my mother could not see me but she did! I always got caught. I am convinced my mother had x-ray vision or built in radar. I once swore (as I thought very quietly) stood under our block. The next thing I know my mother was Shouting irene get your little backside up here now.Irene Shenton

Yes. The flats allowed your parents to see for miles and there were always plenty of neighbours around to keep an eye on you as well. We usually got caught for most things we did! Unless we went a long way onto the fields and woods. Shane

I have memories of my mum, 9 floors up, leaning over the verandah, shouting us in for our tea, in order of age; IAAAN, SHIIIIRLEEEY, ALAAAAN, CAAARRROOL. We would be home in a flash, never dared to keep her waiting! Carol Mackintosh

I remember my dad, Sid Benham, shouting my name out to get indoors before he belted me for going on the 'links' Steven Benham.