Irwell River 7

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A picture of Kersal Dale in winter taken in the late 1970s and provided by Harry Davies.


Two pictures of the bend in the River Irwell taken in 1955. The latter is pointing towards the Cliff.


Two more shots of the bend in the Irwell looking towards the Cliff and Red Rock (2010)




The same spot in 1990 by Eddie Smith.


A view along the Irwell near the Cliff.



A 1990 view looking back from the Irwell bend towards the Dale by Eddie Smith.


A contemporary view of the Irwell and the Cliff.


A picture of the legendary Red Rock. A wonderful childhood memory for every kid in Kersal. We would make tree swings over this and swing out of it and over the Irwell. Roll your mouse over the image for the same spot in May 2011 thanks to Eddie Smith.

Below is a picture of the same area covered in snow. The above picture was taken in the 1980s, and the one below in 2004.


Red Rock in September 2008. Now difficult to see because it is all grown over. Thanks to Harry Davies for this. Below is a picture of Red Rock in 2009 looking rather forlorn


Another picture of Red Rock in winter but this was taken in the late 1970s. Thanks to Harry Davies for this.