Irwell River 3

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The Irwell and the Racecourse beyond from the roof of Spencer House on the 28th July 2011.


A view of the same area in 1964. In the background you can see the Racecourse Hotel, Lower Kersal Primary School and the garages on Rushley Avenue.


A similar view from the 1980s.





A panoramic shot of the bridge and the Irwell.


Two pictures of the Kersal Bridge from the top of Spencer House in February 2008



A panoramic picture of the Kersal Bridge, the Irwell and Kersal Way from the top of Spencer House.


And the same view in colour.


A panoramic view of the Irwell and the flats from Kersal footbridge in 1987.



Two shots of the view towards the bend in the river Irwell on Kersal Dale from Kersal Bridge. The picture above is from 1987 and the one below from 2008. The latter shows the scale of erosion



A view from the Kersal Footbridge towards the Racecourse in 1987.


The footbridge, the Irwell and Spencer House in 2009.


The footbridge, the Irwell and Spencer House and Shakespeare House in the 1980s.


A view of this area in 1969 before the footbridge was built.


A view of the Irwell, Kersal footbridge and Spencer and Shakespeare House on the of 6th July 1978. Thanks to Bill Rich