Opening Ceremony

A section on the correspondence on the opening formal opening of Kersal Flats by Hugh Gaitskell on the 2nd March 1962. Click the pictures to open up a larger view of them and then click that picture.



Hugh Gaitskell and co formally opening the flats next to Burns House. You might remember that the benches near the shops had a commemorative plaque celebrating the occasion. The lady on the left (next to Gaitskell) is Ellen Mallinson (Mayor of Salford), the gentleman in the light macintosh is Councillor Norman Wright (Chairman of the Housing Committee). The lady on the right is Alderman Maggie Whitehead, and the lady in the centre is Minnie Bacon. She was the widow of John Bacon the previous Chairman of the Housing Committee who died in 1959. It was he who initiated the flats project. This photo was donated by John Bacon his grandson.



The first six letters are arranging the date for the leader of the Labour Party to visit Kersal Flats to formally open them.








The next documents relate to the timetable and details of the visit.


The full details of the visit


Details of a visit to the flat of the Morgans at 93 Burns House.


Finally a letter of thanks from Ellen E. Mallinson the Mayor of Salford to Hugh Gaitskell.